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Just like anything to do with your health, healthy habits at a young age are very important to a lifetime of healthy hearing. As portable music players have become a bigger part of our lives the side effects of the earbuds and headphones may have a lasting impact on your hearing. Check out this article from cnn.com that highlights a

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It is here where you will learn about the latest innovations in hearing technology as well as the newest solutions to your hearing needs being offered at Yarmouth Audiology. We will keep this blog updated with all the latest information. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook.   At Yarmouth Audiology we offer a full line of products to

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When you love someone with a hearing loss it's not always easy to know how to help them.  Here's a start!  Get their attention first.   Decrease background noise as much as possible.  Background noise will mask critical speech sounds.  Don’t shout!  Volume is not the problem, it’s clarity!  Shouting right into the ear is also NOT helpful.  Moderately slow your

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